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MG Quarter Mile Times

On this day: 10-01-1908

An American, The Ford Model T goes on sale

Beginning in 1903, Henry Ford and his engineers struggled for five difficult years to produce a reliable, inexpensive car for the mass market. It wasn´t until their 20th attempt, christened the Model T after the 20th letter in the alphabet, that the fledgling Ford Motor Company hit pay dirt. On this day, the Ford Model T was introduced to the American public, and Ford´s affordable revolution had begun. Affectionately known as the "Tin Lizzie," the Model T revolutionized the automotive industry by providing an affordable, reliable car for the average American. Ford was able to keep the price down by retaining control of all raw materials, and by employing revolutionary mass production methods. When it was first introduced, the "Tin Lizzie" cost only $850 and seated two people, and by the time it was discontinued in 1927, nearly 15,000,000 Model T´s had been sold.

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Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
1969MGMGC 3.0L L6 4 sp with OD10.10017.700(R&T May '69)
1967MGMidget III14.70019.900